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    Possible or impossible ?  LR6 import = YYYY/YYYYMMDD




      I scrounged the entire internet last night to get... no where. I found people with the same problem and no way of doing it (easily). I don't want to edit files that will be forgotten in 2 years when I need to reinstall my PC.


      If you are going to tell me to use the default:   YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD

      I am not going to. That's not what I want.

      I have 12 years of folders this way and don't want to see my catalog in a different way.


      And yes... I know the difference between a catalog and folders... I know the difference between catalog and collections... I would like to take advantage of the import feature to reaorganize "any" picture misplaced (read wrong date or folder) on my drive.


      I thought we lived in the new millenium and simple things like that were possible. Sorry for my sarcasm.


      So, is this possible or impossible ?