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    Requesting Feature: Save As... from iPad to Document Cloud.

    BenchmarkPsych Level 1

      I am looking for a way to save as... from the tablet to the document cloud.

      First a quick background:


      I created a template on my laptop with Adobe Acrobat DC and saved this template to the Document Cloud.

           -This template has text boxes to type and drop boxes for quick selections.

      I then view the same template on my iPad.

           -While here I can type in the text boxes and make selections in all the drop boxes.


      However, once I have filled out the template there is no Save As... function, therefore my changes cannot be saved back to the Document Cloud.

      On the bottom of the screen there are four options - from left to right (I do not know what they are actually called):

      Adobe DC.png

                     Eye glasses button -        Comments button -      Search button -      Share/Upload button


      When you click the far right button (square with the upwards arrow) there are four options:

      • Share File
      • Share Public Link
      • Open In...
      • Print Document


      I am looking for a fifth option: Save As...


      This function would allow you to save what you just did as a new PDF to the Document Cloud.


      Lastly, if this feature does exist and I am doing something wrong, please I need your help. If there really is no way to Save As... from the tablet back to the document cloud, perhaps this function can be implemented in a future update.


      Thank you in advance,