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    Adobe Presenter 10


      We are having an issue with one of our users.

      She has Windows 8.1 x64, Office 2013 (x86), and Presenter 10


      Her Presenter was working just fine and then all of a sudden it wont load anymore. The only way it will load is if we run Powerpoint as an administrator.

      None of our users are Administrators and we don't want to give her Admin Rights if we don't have to.


      We have uninstalled and re-installed to no avail.


      Anyone have ideas how we can get Presenter to run without giving her Admin Rights?

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          sidhartha Level 1

          Hi jcochran,

          Please try the following steps and let me know if you are facing some problem.


          1 Open powerpoint in admin mode.

          2 Go to add-ins in powerpoint menu >> Manage-go >> Adobe pp com addin >> Remove.

          3 Close powerpoint.

          4 Follow step 1 and again go to add-ins in powerpoint menu >> Manage-go >>Add>>C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Presenter 11.0\MenuLauncher.dll.

          5 Once added, can be seen "Addins available list " , click ok.

          6 Close powerpoint and re-open normally.



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            JCochran Level 1

            I tried that, here is the message I got:


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              sidhartha Level 1


              Please follow the below steps.:

              1 Open registry from start menu.

              2 Follow the path as shown in screen shot.


              3 Add a new DWORD with name LoadBehaviour with value 3 and delete the previous one.

              4 The Presenter Addin will get added to the PowerPoint.