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    How do I make it so two clips have the exact same position and scale?

    michael groth

      I just got Premiere Elements 10 today, since I'm making a video for work. I'm an experienced videomaker( I'm a fairly successful YouTuber), but not with Adobe products. At home, I use Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 (although seriously considering upgrading to Premiere Pro), but for now at work I'm using Elements since that's the program they have.


      One thing Elements can't do that PowerDirector does do is automatically align clips running at the same time. What I need to happen is have one picture (not filling up the whole screen) suddenly cut to a similar picture of the exact same size and position, achieving the effect that only one part of the picture is changing. In my other program, all I had to do was put them at the same time, change the shape of Pic 1 how I want it, move the Pic 2 and have it snap to the exact same size and position, then move Pic 2 after the other in the timeline. However, Elements won't snap them to each other, so I have no idea how to put them in the exact same size and position, one after the other.


      How can I do this? If this can't be done in either Elements or Pro, I'll have to reconsider getting Pro since I use this feature a lot.


      Thanks in advance!