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    instant movie in premiere pro


      trying to get instant movie to initialize. After I select a theme and hit "next", no second screen only an endless download progress box. Anybody had this? looked for a folder of themes in the root folder but nothing. Can't figure out if I have any on the computer or not. Anyone have a suggestion?

      thanks for any help

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          If your program is Premiere Pro, then you have posted in the wrong forum. Some how your thread got posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum.

          Please re-post your thread in the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum.

          Premiere Pro CC


          I do not work with Premiere Pro, nonetheless I am unaware that it has an Instant Movie feature. Please recheck the program that you are using. Could it be Premiere Elements? If so, what version and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Did you install the program from purchased downloaded installation files from Adobe or from installation disc from an authorized reseller of the product?

          If this is really a Premiere Elements issue, after you selected your Instant Movie theme, did you right click a blue band at the top right of the theme's thumbnail and select Download Now or Download All? If you used selected Download All, then please use Download Now to get at least one theme downloaded so that you can use it in your project.


          Please consider and clarify your situation. If you need clarification on anything that I wrote above, please let me know.