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    Rollover button makes element appear, How to keep element active when mouse leaves button?


      I'm trying to create the incredibly common "rollover menu" effect: rollover an element, something appears beside it, you mouse to that and can interact with it (ie. just like a dropdown menu)


      In Adobe Edge Animate: I create a button, tell it on "mouseover" to show an element and on "mouseout" to hide it. I rollover it, and when the element appears, I "mouseover" to it away from the button, it disappears. I understand it's doing exactly what I'm telling it to, but what do I need to do or add to get the "pop-up/rollover" item to stay?


      Here is a link to example files I created:

      Dropbox - ea-example.zip



      *NOTE: I'm using Adobe Edge Animate 2014.1 on a Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10 and primarily test with the latest version of Google Chrome.