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    Headings do not flow correctly on the table of contents


      I have created a document with a table of contents. When I add the table of contents, the first page only contains the first 9 headings. The remainder continue on the next page.


      I've included a screenshot of the problem below. It didn't seem to matter if I adjusted the TOC styles before adding it or after. I styled the TOC pages based on [None] (rather than A-Master). I am not using Facing Pages. I did use the Primary Text Frame option when I created the document. The text was originally placed from an RTF.


      I'd rather the text flow properly rather than having to do some sort of hack (e.g., making the first text box smaller and dragging the one from the second page up onto the first).


      The problem also occurs on the third page of the TOC (again, after a level 1 heading—this time section 5). I'm hoping it's the same solution for both.