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    Hyperlinks not working in Acrobat Reader


      I just had a customer email me to say she can't get any of the links to work on the 259-page PDF I sent to her. The links are both internal and external. She had recently installed Acrobat DC on her Kindle. Everything works fine on my end.


      Here's what my customer had to say.


      Hi Eileen, I believe neither (internal / external links) are working as I thought a click on the Table of Contents would take me to a specific section.  I downloaded it to my Cromebook and the external links don't work there either.  I have an ipad so will give it a try there too. On my Cromebook I can at least copy the link and open it in another tab.  On the Kindle I can't do that.

      Thanks for checking into it for me. Lynda


      In looking at the Instructions you provided, I don't have iOS Reader loaded on my computer. All my devices are PC based and I use Acrobat X Pro, so the instructions are applicable. However, I went ahead and shared the file to the e-address you provided.


      In case it matters, before sending the file to a customer, I update the Watermark and add Security Permissions. Sometimes it's burned to a CD, others are sent as email attachments.