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      I have Acrobat 9 standard and would like to write some macros. I have written about 60 macros for Word, Word Perfect, and Excel so I understand what these are and how to do them.


      The problem is that I can not where in my Acrobat to do them.

                Some website say go to ACTIONS and/or BATCH - can not find this anywhere on my tool bar, not under FILE or TOOL or ADVANCED

                There is something under ADVANCED/DOCUMENT PROCESSING called SET DOCUMENT OPTIONS but this presents a box with five pAcrobat JPG 2015-06-02.jpgre-set options.


      Nor is there anything in the HELP programs that tell me if I create the macro as I do in the other programs:

                NAME  RUN  [enter all the actions, keystrokes, text, etc] STOP


      Assuming that I write the JAVA SCRIPT in here and save it with some new name (How do I do that), how to I put this save this so that every time I need it I can run it?


      Or is there something missing from my both my Acrobat 8 standard and acrobat 9 standard? And if so how do I get whatever it is I am missing?


      Or must I purchase some 3rd party software?


      I import legal court decisions and add some comments to them. Then what I would like to 'macro' is adding the watermark, locking them with a password (which allows copying but no editing)





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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds like you are moving into the Pro zone and need Acrobat Pro.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Since standard doesn't provide a UI for adding/editing document-level scripts, you can instead use the initial page's Page Open action to define functions and place other initialization code. For multi-page documents, you should add code that tests for the existence of the functions and document global variables before defining/initializing them. You access a page's actions by selecting a page in the Pages pane on the left, right-click, and select: Properties > Actions


            But what you really should do for this project is add the code to a folder-level JavaScript file which also has code that sets up a custom menu item or toolbar button. There are tutorials out there on all of what I mentioned and the things you want to do, but if you can't find them with a search post again. Be sure to get the free Acrobat SDK so that you'll have access to the JavaScript documentation and programming guide.