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    Aligning footnote numbers(/asterisks) to the right in InDesign CC ME


      Hi. I'm typesetting a book in Hebrew in InDesign CC ME.

      I'm having problems with the footnotes. I've got the text set up as right-to-left, and cheated the footnote rule by manually left indenting it by 3.5"- so that it's flush right (per my margins). However, the asterisk for the footnote is still to the left of the footnote text, as opposed to the right. Is there any way to set the footnote asterisk to place right of the footnote text?


      Additionally, I noticed that the footnote marker/asterisk in the body of my text appears to be to the right of the word. Shouldn't it be to the left? Any fix for that?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          RAfBOy Level 1

          Never mind. I figured it out.

          This is the first book I'm typesetting in Arabic/Hebrew fashion- right to left, so there's a bit of a learning curve for me.


          For those who are experiencing the same thing as I was, here's the answer.


          First, make sure that the binding for the document is on the right.

          On a Mac, go to "File > Document Setup" and click on the box with the spine on the right.

          Then, to make sure that your text is flowing correctly, either go to "Type > Apply Adobe World-Ready Composers" or set up all of your Paragraph Styles to correctly flow the text by selecting each one and then selecting "Justification". In the "Composer" pull-down, select "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer". This is all taking for granted that you already set the paragraph direction to right-to-left ("Indents and Spacing" > Paragraph Direction= Right-to-left").

          I would strongly recommend that you edit all of your paragraph styles correctly rather than selecting all of your text and applying the Adobe World-Ready Composer.


          This also solved my footnote problem by placing the footnote marker on the right of my footnote text, and to the left of the footnoted word in the body. I still had to cheat the paragraph rule to the right though.