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    flash.net.FileReference in Flash 6

      One more time. Is it possible to use the flash.net.FileReference class in Flash 6? I am working on a project for Sony's PSP handheld, and it's flash player is limited to version 6.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Strange question. One more time? Isn't this your first post?

          You could try and publish a file with it in it to Flash 6. Where upon I believe you would get a message that it won't work.

          Or you could check the help files where it says that it is available in Actionscript 1.0, Player 8.
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            ChrisTek Level 1
            I know that. It doesn't work by just publishing it. I was wondering, like in C/C++, if you could somehow include it. If anyone knows C, you can #include an external class. I want to know if there is anyway to do something similar.

            I said "one more time" because I typed the same question into 3 boxes to post a new topic.
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              Rothrock Level 5
              Actionscript isn't C/C++ or any flavor of that. While it is possible to #include external code and classes in Flash it isn't the same idea.

              When you compile for a specific version of the player you are creating a file of bytecode that instructs the player to do certain things – all the magic really takes place in the Player. So any new code or class must be built up of the instructions that the version of the player knows. Sometimes late versions of a player include some secret features that will later be exposed in the next version of the player, but they tend to be additions to already established classes.

              The FileReference class is new to Flash 8 and is a major change in how things work. I won't say for certain, but I doubt there are any secret bits of it even in the Flash 7 player, much less two versions prior.
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                ChrisTek Level 1
                I see. Is there any other way to make a "Browse" type button/box, other than having the user type the entry in manually?