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    Creating new lightroom mobile collections and syncing with Lightroom.

    Iain Malcolm

      I've just started using lightroom mobile, so this may be a silly question...  Why does the collection name I set up in Lightroom mobile not appear when they sync with lightroom?


      I often use my phone when I first visit a new location to take some record shots. I was hoping that lr mobile would make it trivially easy to get these into lightroom.....


      In LR mobile I create a new collection and name it, and try to add the new photos to this collection. LR mobile though seems to only look in one location for photos.  Why can't I just browse the filestore on my phone?


      So I move the photos from where the app put them into the only place LR mobile seems to want to look at and it finds them. So far so good.


      Now back home I fire up lightroom so it can sync the photos. I created a collection on the phone, so obviously the photos should appear in a collection?


      No! That would be too obvious. A new entry appears in Folders appears for every collection I create on the phone. These are all cunningly named just with the name of my phone, so after a few trips out I just have a bunch of identical entries in folders, and if I open one of these it has the really memorable name: "Imported Photos - Users\xxxxx\Pictures\Lightroom\...". Excitingly this is all I can see of the folder name, and they are all identical so I still don't know which ones are which - I have to open the folder to see the photos.


      So it seems what I have to do once they have arrived in lightroom is:

      1. Look in folders to find the new photos and open them
      2. create a new folder in the place I want these photos to live long term
      3. move the photos to this place
      4. create a new lightroom collection, retyping the collection name I already used on my phone
      5. add the photos to this collection
      6. make sure it is set form sync.


      This isn't really any better than just importing the photos from my phone once I get back home.  Or am I missing something?