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    InDesign CC doesn't update


      I have a problem updating InDesign CC to the latest version. It gets stuck at version 9.3. After downloading the newest version and installing it, it still doesn't update. Also tried to restart the computer, but nothing. Other programs from CC seem to update normal.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional



          I'm wondering if you are by any chance launching InDesign from your taskbar (Windows) or your dock (Mac), or a shortcut after you've run the update to InDesign CC (2014.2 Release). As it sounds like you are not seeing any errors and the installation is successful?


          Adobe InDesign CC and InDesign CC (2014.2 Release) are two different applications. This means that when you install InDesign CC (2014.2 release), the original InDesign CC version will NOT be uninstalled from your system, instead a second version of InDesign will be added to your Program Files or Application folder. So if you are launching an original short-cut you'd be launching the previous version of InDesign.


          You can find the new version installed here:

          • On Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CC 2014
          • On Windows: /Program Files/Adobe InDesign CC 2014



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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            What is your OS version? New versions are only possible to be installed if they are compatible with the OS. With incompatible OS you cannot see these versions.

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              michiel_echt Level 1

              Hi Cari,


              Thank you sooo much! Indeed this was the solution. They only thing I really don't understand... why is Adobe doing this? It doesn't make any sense for me and it showed nowhere that they installed a separate version.