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    preloader failure

      Hi, i've just made a very simple preloader that works just fine... well almost!

      I thought maybe some of you could help me solve this problem. Here it goes..

      I've made a basic structure for looping the timeline on a preloader scene. On the second frame i've got this script:

      loadedbytes = getBytesLoaded();
      totalbytes = getBytesTotal();
      loadedkbytes = Math.ceil(loadedbytes/1000);
      totalkbytes = Math.ceil(totalbytes/1000);
      if (loadedbytes == totalbytes) {
      frame = int(loadedbytes/(totalbytes/100));
      tellTarget (_root.loader) {

      I guess you can figure out what my problem is, if you've tried a simular script. When it jumps to the next frame, where my entire site is, it doesn't play from frame 1. I've got timeline animation but it seemes to load all wrong, it loads all movieclips and everything but i've declared them all invisible since this is my navigation system. Need some help around this. The preloader works just fine, it's just the jump from scene to scene.

      It doesn't work with gotoAndPlay("site",1) either.

      In short words: My timeline animation doesn't work in scene 2 when i use this kind of preloader.

      Apriciate some help!