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    how can I open word document?


      How can I open word document with Indesign? I do not want to change the format.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there,


          You can't open a Word document in InDesign, but you can import a Word document into InDesign.


          The very first thing you'd need to do is set-up a New InDesign document.

          1. File > New > New Document.
          2. Set the Page Size and Margins similar to those in your Word document.
          3. Enable the Primary Text Frame option.


          You are now ready to import your Word document into InDesign:

          1. File menu > Place
          2. Navigate to your Word document, and enable 'Show Import Options' in the Place dialog box.
          3. Select the Word document and click Open.
          4. In the dialog box that appears, set your preferred import options.
          5. Click OK.
          6. With the loaded text cursor, click in the center of the first page of your InDesign document.


          Jeff Witherell has a good tutorial video here; he uses a .rtf file, but it works the same for .docx files – he explains things really well:
          How to place text from a word-processing application in InDesign | Adobe InDesign CC tutorials


          Let us know if you still have more questions.