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    Inspect + XIP.IO +  Virtual Machine (Vagrant box)




      I have a set up that is as follows


      Windows 7 laptop, using a virtualbox / vagrant machine to run Ubuntu as a development machine. This is due to my project requiring a php library that is not supported under windows, so I can't change it.


      I am trying to get Inspect to work with my tablet / mobile and the localhosts from the virtual machine, which I am viewing in Chrome in Windows and I am trying to use Xip.io to achieve this.


      Inspect itself works just fine, I can connect it and it follows my browsing just fine, until I try to view my localhost.


      I've gotten as far as dev.myproject.local.IPADDRESSOFTHEVAGRANTMACHINE.xip.io working in Chrome on Windows, but all that Inspect will show me on the laptop is a white screen. If I try to remote inspect the code it just times out. To achieve this I had to specifically put the IP of the vagrant machine in the virtualhost server alias. If I used the * wild card then I just get connection errors in both the browser and the tablet.


      Has anyone done anything like this? I realise that it is a fairly convoluted set up but I can't get away from it as those decisions are way out of my hands. Any help is very appreciated.