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    After Effects error: T1P:ATM Parse Error ( 83 :: 2 )

    frank_d Level 1

      Everytime I install google fonts on my system I get this error:


      After Effects error: ATM Parse Error

      (83 :: 2 )


      when I open up some of my old projects in after effects.


      I get the error 3-4 times while the project is being opened, and as soon as the progress bar reaches 40% project crashes and I get this error:


      After effects warning: Unknown BIB Error. ATM Parse Error, CT, 0

      ( 83::3 )


      The only solution I have found so far is to constantly uninstall/re-install fonts when switching between projects.


      Surely there must be a better way?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not really. These are simply legacy font issues. You really need to update your fonts.



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            Hey Frank, obviously this is an old post but wanted to share how I got around this issue, so it might help some poor soul out in the future. I was trying to open an old CS6 project in CC and kept getting the 'ATM parse error 83 2' message. Drove me mad. Deleted numerous fonts via the regedit method which was suggested by another forum but no joy. Was about to give up but noticed whilst the project was trying to load, the character window in AE was showing a font different to the default myriad pro and not one used in the project. I wondered if this could be the font clashing with the load, deleted it via regedit and hey presto, the project fully loaded. Hopefully that might work for someone else struggling with this painfull issue.