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    inline shape vs. figure tag

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      What's the difference between an inline shape and figure tag? 


      I created a document in MSWord. The document has some images that have been tagged in PDF as an inline shape and not as a figure. What's the difference?


      Thanks, Marion

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          a C student Level 3

          "Figure" is a standard role. I am guessing that "Inline shape" is a non-standard role - they can be named anything - mapped to a standard role, probably "Figure", in which case there is no difference except for the name. In the Tags pane, click the little down arrow by the Options icon at the top left, and select Edit Role Map. Expand the Document Roles to see what non-standard roles are mapped to what standard roles. Occasionally you may come across a non-standard to non-standard role mapping, but a standard role has to be reached in the end. (I am using Acrobat Pro XI for Windows, by the way. The click here stuff may vary in other versions).