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    Object serialization - supported in future releases?

    Grizzly9279 Level 1
      I'm curious if anyone knows if future releases of ColdFusion plan to support object serialization.

      More specifically, our situation is this. We have a cluster of CF servers that are working together rather nicely. We are using the "sticky sessions" option so once a session is started, it will tend to "stick" to one specific application server. We also have J2EE session vars enabled so if one of the cluster nodes goes down (mid-session), the session can be replicated on another cluster node seamlessly. The only problems is, objects (CFCs) stored in the session scope are lost, and I've been told this is due to the fact that objects cannot be serialized.

      So...this sort of leaves us high and dry here. We're slowly but surely becoming more and more reliant on session-based objects (due to the nature of our application). So now - should a cluster node go down (which hardly every happens), I know for a fact that these objects are going to be lost altogether, which won't bode well for many processes we have in place that depend on them.

      So has anyone heard of if/when this is going to be addressed? Or any suggestions or insights on semi-reasonable workarounds?