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    Nikon D800 vs D810 - white balance is very different.

    2drumstix Level 1

      I shoot with both Nikon D800 & a D810 bodies. The 800 has the 24-70 f2.8 glass, and the 810 has the 70-200 f2.8 glass. Both bodies menus are set up the exact same, and when I'm on shoots I pretty much keep them set with the same ISO, shutter, f-stop, flash settings, and compensations. I shoot in RAW, and import into LR (still on 5.7). No presets applied on import, usually use either Adobe Standard or Camera Standard profile.


      Even with the most basic of Dev tweaks, the white balance - temp & tint, look very different between the two cameras.


      Anyone else use both these bodies with LR and see this WB difference?


      I shoot in RAW, it is a digital negative with no color profile, LR applies the color profile. Am I missing something? Would it be just inherent to the two camera bodies? Or is LR and the profiles causing this WB difference?


      Working minds are curious,