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    client variables disappearing

    lwfg Level 1

      A ColdFusion 8 project was running under Windows server 2003 which was upgraded to Windows server 2008.

      The project has frames and client variables stored in the registry.

      After the Windows upgrade, a few users have had client variables disappear. The variables are assigned and displayed in a template in a frame but lost after being submitted to another template in another frame.

      The users get an error that "element xx in undefined in client".

      What are possible causes and solutions?

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          lwfg Level 1

          Made test cfms, to display values of a client var aa and session var bb.

          Two users down the hall from each other ran them. For 1 user, both values showed. The other user can see session vars but gets error "aa not defined in client."

          Expired that user's CFID and CFTOKEN and problem still there.

          The user who everything works for goes to the other's machine and gets the error.

          The other user gets on the machine of the user who everything works for and gets the error also.