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    Show/hide buttons on different page

    Jason scott Level 1

      Hello all,

      I've been tasked with creating an multi-page interactive PDF that is basically a questionnaire. Each page will have a single question with the results of all questions gathered in a table at the end. Ideally I'd like the answer to each question to be sent to a specified cell within a table but I can't figure out how to make that happen, so my solution was to use radio buttons to select the answers and buttons for the results. I had planned to assign a show/hide action to the radio buttons to reveal the corresponding answer on another page. During testing I ran into a problem when setting up the show/hide action, it won't allow me to select a button to show/hide unless its on the same page as the radio button! Does anyone know if there's a workaround to this? If not can anyone advice me on how I would build this type of functionality?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          In Indesign, you will need to move the answer buttons to the same page as the radio buttons for the construction of all hide and show activations. This is the only way you will be able to set these properties. Once you have completed and tested, you can now move the answer buttons to another page. The radio buttons will activate hide/show of answer buttons from a different page. I have a test file that demonstrates, if you would like to see it, I can send it to you.

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            Jason scott Level 1

            Damn, you're correct. I just tried what you suggested in my test file and the show/hide functionality remained when I moved the answers to another page. I'm trying to understand Adobe's logic for this. On one hand I can see how it makes it easier when setting up the action by not having to scroll through a long list of every element in the document. On the other hand, this is confusing and I think it could be handled in a better way. The page elements list could be treated like the links palette, allowing the user to expand the list window instead of just a small window. If nothing else, the activation window should still show you that a radio button is activating a button and tell you what page its on. The problem with the way it is now is, you would never know if a radio button is activating a button on another page.


            This also creates a potential problem with button names being changed automatically. I'll explain...

            If you have to have you buttons on the same page to set up the activations, the intuitive workflow would be to set up your actions, then cut and past your buttons to the page you want them on. However, doing this results in the button names being changed and breaking the action.


            I guess there's always room for improvement. Anyway, thank you for the solution Jeffery!