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    Problem with auto-algin text boxes with mutiple categories


      Hi all!

      I have a problem that need to be solved to safe my life .


      I have a layout with 4 columns of text boxes, something like Phonebook, inside the text boxes are paragraphs with categories with 4 line of different font and style. I have 4 paragraph styles native and also align them to text grid.


      My question is:


      1. How i can prevent form moving the last line or more to rhe another layout and most important spread ?????

      2. How can i control those white spaces between each 4 columns row?

      3. How i can aligned it so eveything is perfectly straight in columns form the botton to the top and formatted aotumaticly so it auto aligned to boxes to fit them best possible way and of course to maitain the distances bettweon rows in whole layout  even when editing by editorial.


      THANK YOU!!


      WAiting for your help




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