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    System upgrade: Need page file, SSD install advice, etc. Win7 i7 build

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      Gents, it's been 4 years since I built my i7 LGA1155 based system and I am kind of forced to upgrade (sh!t happens). It is not a full upgrade. I don't have enough green to buy a new vid card and am porting over my storage drive.


      I purchased a Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD for my OS. The MB is an ASUS Z97 Wi-Fi ac USB3.1 running a 4GHz i7. The Z97 has both Intel and ASMedia ports.

      My current setup has a 120GB SSD for Win7, two Samsung Spinpoints in a RAID 0 as my D drive (my scratch disc, which has worked beautifully) and two WD 1TB Blacks in a Mirror RAID as my E drive where I put all my video, sound files (mirror raid because I am insanely paranoid). I also now have a 2TB Synology backup (external) so the WD internal mirror will no be needed.

      So my setup will be:

      C drive: a single SSD with Windows 7

      D drive: two Samsungs in a RAID 0 (as I have now - though I will buy a large SSD down the road)

      E drive: WD Black (no more mirror)

      Then BD and DVD drives.

      I will be using CS5 Production Premium. That is what I have. I won't be able to upgrade until late this year or early next. Updates are no longer available normally, but apparently I can download a large update file from Adobe and use it to update CS5 manually. I don't have that info handy right now (I think it's called "PremiereProTrial 5.0.3 mul Adobe UPDATE").

      As it's been so long since I installed Windows 7 (and so many links I had bookmarked on the subject are now dead) I am asking some advice on a few specifics.


      My Windows 7 is retail, but from 2011 so no SP1. I've already downloaded all updates via WSUS Offline so I can do a proper update once Win7 is installed. This'll be my first time via that method, but people do swear by it.


      I know my older Win7 install CD will not see the new SSD so I will download the drivers for the SSD and also for my Intel and ASMedia SATA ports on the Z97 MB. I'm still unsure of exactly how this will go.


      One question I have is in regards to the page file. I believe Windows will automatically locate it on the OS drive.


      Should I relocate it to the D drive? I don't want to do anything that could cause me grief. My page file has always been on my C drive (if memory serves).


      Any advice on this and in my system build is greatly appreciated. So many links I had are now dead so I am trying to find what I need. For instance, which codecs I should download and install.


      By the way, I am now editing anything above 2K. Typically it's DSL footage, HDCAM stuff, plus lotsof Super8 that has been 1080p captured and provided as QuickTime files or ProRes.

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          for the pagefile, the advice used to be place it off the ssd. this was back in the day when ssd's didn't last very long and it was an attempt to give them longer life span. now ssd's last alot longer so it is ok to place the pagefile on a ssd. when it comes to the page file, you want it on a fast drive. the more memory you have the less windows will have to swap out information in the ram to the page file. so if you have enough ram the pagefile usage will be lower to reduce wear and tear on any drive.


          codecs should only be installed if being used, as a way of keeping clutter off windows. most install quicktime for prores and dnxhd/r codecs.

          Apple - QuickTime - Download and watch videos, movies, and shows.    

          Avid QuickTime Codecs LE


          for windows 7, you may have to install the motherboard sata drivers during the windows 7 installation, so it can find your drives. someone asked about win7 install recently here: New build, asking for Windows 7 install tips before beginning

          there are plenty of windows 7 installation guides online and youtube.

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            Thanks for the information. I actually started that other thread, but it was really in the wrong forum. I guess I'll leave the page file wherever Windows places it. I'll be running 16GB of RAM so should I make the page file the same size?


            I have now spent at least four hours watching YouTube videos on installing Win7, yet none of them have been all that helpful. Everyone with a computer thinks they are an expert.


            I know without question Windows will not see my SSD because it's too new. It could also have trouble with my MB's SATA ports because again, the MB is new. So I am trying to find out how to deal with that and not coming up with answers.


            For instance, this tutorial doesn't help since Windows sees the hard drive.


            But I know that when I get to this point Windows will not see anything so I will have to use "Load Driver" and install something to allow my Samsung SSD to be seen. I would like to see how that is done. For me seeing is quite helpful. Reading never kicks anything in for me.


            As for codecs, etc... here is what I have saved for loading/installing so far:


            I have edited some video that is MJPG or MJPEG (memory fails me which is right) and after googling found numerous websites with a codec, but I tried downloading a few and my anti-virus killed them. So does anyone know where I can find a safe clean codec?

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              doh, i didn't notice it was you in both posts. i watched some of the newegg install video, its pretty good but like you say, doesn't show him adding drivers there. i found this video that shows someone having to add the driver Windows 7 Fixes - A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing error - YouTube   as long as you install the sata drivers windows should see the ssd as a generic device. windows should automatically set the size of the pagefile, based on how much ram is installed, i would just let windows handle it. i dont use mjpeg so im not sure where a good codec is to download for that, i would have thought premiere or quicktime would supply it.

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                Thanks, I just watched that video. I think i might be okay. No doubt I will find out this weekend.


                I just ordered a Marvell based SATA add-on card so since the motherboard's two ASMedia SATA ports cannot handle DVD or BD drives. I had no idea about that. I want to use the INTEL SATA ports for my hard drives so I can use the add-on card for my DVD and BD drives.

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                  i see the notice on asus's website that its for data hdd only but im guessing the dvd/bd will work fine on there. you could try it and if it doesn't work, then use the marvell card.