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    Best security settings for a pdf that will be uploaded to Digital Download site


      Hello! I have just made a fillable form PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC that I would like to offer for sell on Teacherspayteachers and I am hoping someone can share some permissions restrictions/security settings to make this doc more protected. I have read a re-read the adobe pages about this but its not making a lot of sense. I am just looking for some give me a clearer answer for best protection. Not sure if it matters but I am working on a Mac and also need the PDF to open, show dropdown menus and editable text fields on an iPad. Thank you so much!

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          Once you apply security settings or restrictions to a PDF document in Acrobat Pro DC (desktop app), the PDF document will be encrypted.


          Here is the screenshot of the Document Properties dialog in Acrobat Pro DC


          Another screenshot of the Document Security Summary dialog.



          Acrobat Reader mobile apps (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) have the known limitation where changes cannot be saved to encrypted PDF documents.  Therefore, users are unable to make any changes (e.g. filling out forms or adding comments/annotations) to encrypted PDF documents in the Acrobat Reader mobile apps, even though the document restrictions are set to allow form filling and/or comments.


          On the other hand, there is no such limitation in the desktop version of Adobe Reader, Acrobat Pro, or Acrobat Standard.


          If you intend to distribute your fillable PDF form to all desktop and mobile app users, it is best to skip applying security settings or restrictions.  Otherwise, the Acrobat Reader mobile app users will find the form unusable.


          Would you explain what your PDF form does?  I presume that users buy your PDF form to fill it out, which means that the users (not you as the author) provide form data.  So what other parts of your PDF form contents that you need to protect?