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    Sync lightroom from desktop to laptop


      I have been mostly working on my laptop but it needs to get fixed so since I have creative cloud I figured I would just be able to transfer these photos to my desktop and work on those photos on my desktop. The photos from my laptop collections synced to my iPhone but nothing showed up on my desktop.  So I tried syncing something from my desktop and that replaced the laptop photos that were on my iPhone.

      so now I need to know 1. How am I able to get my laptop pics back on my iPhone (lightroom mobile) as it only seems to want to sync with my desktop and is there any way I can get my laptop photos onto my desktop so I can work on them while the laptop gets fixed.  (currently I can still work on laptop for a few more days).   I don't understand if they can sync up with one device why they can't sync up with each other

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          LR does not sync from computer to computer as it is a single-user system.

          If you have the two computers on the same network, you can copy your images and your catalog from one computer to the other.

          Alternatively, you can use an external drive to hold your images and catalog or to transfer the images and catalog to the other computer.