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    New Desktop config for AE


      I'm buying a new Desktop and would appreciate support from you guys regarding the config.

      I will be using:

      AE CS6

      Premier CS3


      This is the config I've got so far, but I'm not sure about the graphics card:

      Intel Core i5 4460 - 3.20GHz Quad Core, Socket 1150, 6MB L3

      GIGABYTE B85M-HD3 - B85 Express Chipset: Socket LGA1150

      Transcend 8GB DDR3-1600

      PNY NVIDIA Quadro K420 Workstation GPU

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          looks like you are picking low performance parts, do you have a budget?

          is there a reason for using the quadro instead of a gtx?

          are you using a 32 or 64 bit operating system, and using 64 bit after effects?


          the cpu is most important for both of those applications, you will want to look at the i7-4790k or faster and more ram.

          Re: Please help with first time PC build

          AE & GTX-900 series

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            That setup is pretty lousy all around, IMHO. Here are the reasons why:


            1) The CPU cannot be overclocked at all, nor does the motherboard permit you to do that. All non-K Haswell CPUs are multiplier locked, and only the Z series chipsets permit overclocking at all (and then, only with the K-series CPUs).


            2) That i5 CPU has only four physical cores and lacks hyper threading. Therefore, it can only process four threads at a time while the CPUs that we generally recommend can process eight or more threads.


            3) 8GB total of RAM is not enough for newer versions of Premiere Pro. And why CS3? You know, CS3 is severely outdated nowadays, being restricted to 32-bit operation and thus cannot utilize more than about 2.5 GB total physically installed RAM (which means that the disk page file needs to be extremely large just to avoid running out of memory).


            4) Why that Quadro K420? It is extremely weak by current standards for discrete GPUs, being exactly half of an old GeForce GT 640 (based on the first-generation Kepler GK107 GPU) on the GPU side while retaining a lousy 29 GB/second throughput from its 128-bit DDR3 VRAM (the GPUs that we generally recommend offer throughput of 200 GB/second or more from their 256-bit or higher GDDR5 VRAM).


            5) And finally, you made absolutely no mention at all whatsoever about which disk(s) you are planning to use with that build. With no disks, your new build would be about as useful as a doorstop since that system would not even boot up at all.

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              danielb78730974 Level 1

              Thanks guys, really appreciate your support. A friend of mine is putting together the PC for me, as I'm not that savy when it comes to parts, thats why I'm here


              Seagate Desktop HDD 1TB Serial ATA 600 (6Gbps) With 64MB/GIGABYTE IF133 Chassis - ATX Tower Black Chassis, 120mm Rear Fan- my friend reccomended. Thoughts?


              GTX will be fine for what I'm using the PC for, not sure which one is better though, gtx 760 or Titan, as the series 900 gives an error in AE-ray-traced 3D. To answer your question Ronin(i will not invest to much, as I'm not using AE and Premiere at a profi level with thousands of layers, more for small projects; 64 bit system and yes 64 AE). Let me know guys the difference between Xeon V3 and i7 4790k for video editing/motion graphics(NO gaming).


              " If your applications require as many CPU cores as possible, Xeon is what you need. The new Xeon v3 processors max out at 12 cores (24 after Hyperthreading) whereas even the new Haswell-E i7-5960X has just eight. Multi-CPU configurations are also only possible with Xeon".

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                xeon vs i7, skies the limit. xeons are workstation/server grade and therefore more expensive for the same performance as the i7's. you can get a good system built around the i7-4790k for $1200. something built around the i7-5690X for $2400. something built around a xeon for $4-5k and over $20k. its not as simple as looking for the cpu with the most cores, the i7-5690X has 8 cores but competes with some xeons that have 10 and 12 cores. if you are wanting to use the ray tracing feature in ae cs6, then you will want something older like the gtx 760, 770, 680, or 670. just not the 750ti.


                im pretty sure premiere cs3 is only 32bit, which means it will only use up to 2 cores, no matter how many the system may have. so if you want premiere to have decent speed, it will benefit the most from high clock speeds, such as the 4ghz clock speeds of the i7-4790k. some new motherboards for the i7's also have usb 3.1, if thats important to you. here is a thread with general hardware part brand recommendations to help pick parts like case, psu, hdd, etc. Re: Please help with first time PC build

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                  danielb78730974 Level 1

                  Thank you Ronin, I will get back to you as soon as I get my new config. Really appreciate it.

                  I will get the Premiere CS6 as well, instead of CS3.