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    InDesign CS2 no longer works with Windows 10


      Just installed Windows 10 beta and my InDesign CS2 no longer works. There are no palettes and no menus. I can open files that I have already created but can't do anything with them.

      Okay I know what you will all say ... I need to update to InDesign CC. Well I am working mainly for charity organisations and paying an extra $20 per month would wipe out pretty much all of my meagre payments.

      I already have the Photography package which is more affordable at $10 pm. My question is:

      1. Is there a workaround for my old version of InDesign to make it work with Windows 10, and if not, then
      2. What is the cheapest way for me to get Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign together (I wouldn't need to use any of the other CC apps)

      I suspect the answer might be that I can't do anything ... as $30 pm is not an option for me ... But thought it worth a try anyway.

      Thanks for reading