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    nVidia K6000 - Worth it for Adobe CS6? Premiere + After Effects mostly

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      I work a lot in Photoshop, Premiere and After Affects - Probably my most used programs and I'm looking for killer hardware to make my job much easier.


      I've had my current workstation, which I paid a lot for, since 2004. It's sluggish now and I have my heart set on a HP Z840 workstation.


      I would like a really fast spec that can deal with render times effortlessly. At the moment we are processing Canon 5D Mark III footage, we grade using Colorista II or DaVinci Resolve.

      Workflow involves a lot of compositing in After Effects, often involving quite complex scenes.

      We will be moving to 4K soon, so this hardware needs to manage that well too.


      I've just purchased a nVidia K6000 card, 12GB flavour. Have I made an error in doing so? I see in some forums that the GTX 570 outperforms the K6000 substantially and it's more than a tenth of the price.

      However most of the information out there is dated a couple of years old and before CS6 came along. Is the same still true? Would I do better buying a much cheaper graphics card for my use?


      Also whilst I am here, I am undecided on the right processor. The HP Z840 can take 2 processors. The Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 12-Core (2.50GHz 30MB) processor is a lot more expensive than the Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 6-Core (2.40GHz 15MB) Processor. Would I benefit a great deal more with the E5-2680 v3, ie. is it worth a much greater price tag for how I intend to use the system?

      I plan on putting 32GB in the machine, although will start off with 16GB.

      Many thanks for any advice!

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          so first, quadro vs gtx is all about workstation grade vs desktop grade hardware. the quadro k6000 is older and should compare to a gtx 780. if you need workstation grade quadro's, you may look a the m6000 as it is newer and faster. it should be closer to a gtx 980's performance. for premiere cs6 the graphics card wont be as helpful as say the new versions of CC which utilize the gpu more. davinci resolve will want lots of gpu power and even more for 4k. one quadro m6000 or a gtx 980ti would be a good start for now to possibly deal with the 4k. if you have the full version of davinci resolve you can add another gpu later to help if needed. if you are using the lite version of resolve you are limited to one gpu, so you will have to decide max now or upgrade next gen...


          for the cpu and ram, the two you list are almost the same clock speed but 12 core vs 6 core. thats double the cores, so yeah its alot faster.  it wont be twice as fast, but it may be 60-70% faster. are the E5-2680 v3's worth it? depends how long you want this machine to last and how fast you want it to be right now. as far as the dual E5-2620 v3's, if you dont might desktop grade you may be better off with a X99 i7-5960X build. you need to plan ram according to how many cores you have also. so with the dual E5-2680 v3's, the very least you should get is the 64gb (8x8gb) option for 2cpu and consider the 128gb (8x16gb) option.