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    HELP! losing my mind! photo looks different on phone


      When I edit my picture in LR it looks great, i export it to srgb, quality 100, resize it to 960x960 and put the resolution to 75, ( my intention is to post on facebook) and it still looks great on my computer. I email the image to myself to save it onto my iphone and the coloring is darker and has a red hue. I'll upload it to facebook from my computer and it looks fine on facebook but if I view the image on facebook from my phone, it looksdarker and red. What am I missing??

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          andrewfreeman Level 3

          Welcome to the world of colour management. Unless both devices are calibrated, then they will appear different, unfortunately.


          I don't know how you go about calibrating a phone: I seem to remember that X-rite were bringing out an app that allowed you to use your monitor calibrator to calibrate mobile devices, so maybe it's something worth looking into.


          Just to throw something into the mix: do you calibrate your monitor? If not, how do you know which one is right?