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    Print double-sided A5-size booklet in A3-size paper, please help me setup the layout

    rukmawp Level 1

      Hi guys,


      Recently I've got a problem in booklet printing. I want to print A5-size booklet, double-sided, in A3-size paper. Usually, when I want to create A5-size booklet, I only need to create A4-size spread and print it on A4-size paper. But this time, I have to print it on A3-size paper. Please take a look at the diagram below. If there are 16 pages for the booklet, for example, that means I can print it on 2 double-sided A3-size paper. Then, it will be cut in the middle and get a ring binding. For now, I have to sort the pages manually, according to this diagram below. Is there easy solution for this problem of mine? Thank you in advance.