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    So, how does this actually work?


      I submitted a couple questions on May 31st, asking about two specific issues regarding LR 6.0.1. One of the issues I was subsequently able to resolve on my own.  The other one I presented in a thread titled "LR 6.0.1 turns off filters when exporting photos"..To date, despite 40+ views, no replies.  Since the Communities Forums appears to be the only support option, I'm wondering just exactly what is the process for having a question at least acknowledged, if not resolved.  It appears that Adobe personnel monitor the forums, but I see that my question is hardly the only one unanswered.  It would appear to be entirely hit or miss as to whether a question receives a response or not, which seems like an odd system for customer/technical support.  It wouldn't surprise me that I'm missing something terribly obvious here, and would be most appreciative if someone would be kind enough to point it out to me.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sometimes those who read the questions simply don't have an answer. I don't have an answer for yours. I haven't experienced the problem you are having. If I set a filter prior to exporting, only the images that meet the filter criteria are exported.

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            Joshua Cohen Level 3

            Perhaps it's also that there is no question asked in that thread. You state a fact of the behavior you observe and interpret it as a bug. I also have never experienced the behavior you report and can't suggest why it may happen or what to do about it. Perhaps it is a bug. If so, what can us fellow users do about it? Here is the proper place to report a bug: Photoshop Family Customer Community

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              rglindmeier Level 1

              Thank you for the prompt reply, Jim. Please allow me to try and do a better job of explaining the issue.  Yes, after engaging a filter, only the photos presented by the filter, or even a subset of those, if only certain images are actually selected from the ones presented by the filter, are properly exported.  The problem isn't with the export itself.  The problem is that while the export is running in the background, the filter is disengaged and the grid view will revert to the entire folder of images.  This is not the way it worked in LR5.  Let me give a specific example, and perhaps you can reproduce the behavior.


              Let's say I have a folder of 100 images, 50 jpegs and 50 raw files.  I engage my raw filter and now the grid view will only show the 50 raw files.  So far so good.  Now, lets say I select 25 of the 50 filtered images for export.  I perform the export and the 25 images are exported exactly as they should be. Here is where the behavior diverges from 5.x to 6.x.  In 5.x, while the export was being performed in a background thread, the grid view would still show both the 50 filtered images and the 25 selected images, just as they were before the export.  In other words, performing the export did not disturb the existing filter or selection.  In 6.x, once the export is underway, the filter is disengaged, and the grid view will now revert back to all 100 images in the folder.  The selection still holds, but now the grid view shows both raw and jpeg files. Trying to re-engage the filter while the previous export is still running will only result in the filter being immediately disengaged.  In other words, if an export is running in the background, a filter cannot be selected, or at least it wont hold.


              This presents a problem for me, because in my workflow, once I select some raw images for export, I will typically perform several exports in a row, to different folders using different presets, but using the same filter.  I may change my selection of files between exports, but I want to be able to select from the same active filter (raw images).


              I don't believe Adobe intended to have an export clear a filter, especially since it didn't behave that way in LR5.x.  I believe this to be a bug in version 6.x.



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                rglindmeier Level 1

                I was working under the perhaps flawed assumption that Adobe personnel monitored the forum.  I was unaware there was an official channel for reporting a suspected bug.  I suspect that if any user actually attempted to reproduce the behavior described in my original post, they would have been able to replicate the behavior.  I have described the behavior in greater detail above in my reply to JimHess.  Rest assured, I will also report to the link you provided.



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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Just curious about your problem-

                  Do you have the padlock closed when you have set the filter?


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                    rglindmeier Level 1

                    You sir, have correctly deduced the solution. To be honest, I don't even remember the lock being there. The filters I use are all presets that were created long ago, and I select them using the selector on the top of the filmstrip at the lower right of the screen.  I almost never use the filter bar (where the lock icon is), because it uses screen real estate.  At any rate, locking the filters solved the problem.  I must have had the lock set permanently while using version 5.x, and as a result of the upgrade to 6.x, the lock got reset to unlocked.  Thank you so much for putting thought into my dilemma, and offering the correct and very simple solution.  I am in your debt.