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    Emailed files show the texts on different lines. ?


         I email my time sheets to work so I can get paid, and these time sheets have "boxes" to fill out; well I use the text feature that Adabe offers, everything looks very good on the "VIEWER" page, but when I email them the "texts" are in a complete different spot where I placed them.


         Does anyone know why? What am I soing wrong? Or how do I fix this?


      Thank you!

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          So you emailed the PDF document with text annotations to someone or yourself.


          Which app did you use to view the PDF attachment as a recipient?  Is it a desktop app or a mobile app?  What is your operating system?  Can you make sure to open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader (Adobe PDF editor/viewer desktop/mobile app)?


          Last time I checked, all of the text annotations added by Adobe Reader for iOS (for example) appeared correctly in the desktop version of Adobe Reader on a Windows/Mac computer.  However, Google Drive or Gmail showed the preview of the text annotations in a wrong spot.  I suspect that it's a bug in Google PDF viewer.  Please note that Google has its own PDF viewer.


          If you can provide more information about your case, I can check again.  Thank you.