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    Problems with installation on Windows 7


             I too am having problems installing Flash Player.  I'm using Windows 7, and my browser is Internet Explorer (I'm not sure of the version, but it is two or three years old).  As the installation of Flash Player is running, it asks me to close Internet Explorer.  So I then follow the instructions about opening up the Task Manager and ending the appropriate processes.  My problem is that I am not sure what processes to end.  There are four or five processes that have the name "iexplore.exe".  Do I close all of them?  Are there others I should close? Will closing them cause problems with my Explorer in the future?  (Windows opened a dialogue box that warned me that it might.)  I am totally computer ignorant so I am hesitant to proceed on my own.  I am hoping that I have provided enough information for one of you smart people to help me out.  I have never had a problem downloading and installing updates of the Flash Player before.  but now they are telling me that the Player has disappeared off the computer and that is why I'm trying this new installation.  I checked and Adobe Flash Player is enabled, so that isn't the issue.  I would be very appreciative if anyone can sort this out for me.  Thanks, David