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    Images blurred with noise

    pfmarconi Level 1

      I've recently bought Premiere  Elements 13 but have hit a problem with still images.


      The images are sharp but when played as a video become slightly blurred and suffer from noise.


      I've tried a number of different image sizes, from the original 6000px x 4000px down to 1000px x 650px and lower but nothing changes. I have the "default scale to frame size" checked.
      I've attached two pics below to show the problem.


      I'd be very grateful for any advice on the correct settings to use and how best to render images and videos together.




      CASH 1 CDT.jpg

      CASH 2 CDT.jpg

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          pfmarconi Level 1

          Problem solved - " right-click on the monitor when the images are being shown and change the Playback settings to "Highest"? It is set to "Automatic" by default for a low resolution playback in Premiere Elements. Do you still see the images blurry on playback? " http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/blurry_pictures_in_premiere_elements

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Thank you for resolving your own issue involving getting better previewing in the Edit area of the program.


            The solution that worked for you, Playback Settings Automatic versus Highest, is well known and can be found in many of the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum threads that addressed this particular problem. Also, if a HD project, you can look at preferences and Timeline Rendering Quality preference. Whether or not the Timeline content is rendered is another consideration.


            The real test is what quality you obtain in playback of the export. That result will help you to distinguish between a previewing issue versus an overall program/project issue.


            What is the planned export of your Timeline content?


            Thanks. Great job in finding a solution for quality issue related to your project's previewing of the rendered Timeline content in the Edit area monitor.