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    HELP me with this layout look INSIDE

    jakies Level 1

      HI ALL


      I tried to solve this problem, watch milion videos and read forums and guides and you know what nothing! I'm in desperation PLEASE HELP ME below is short info:


      I want to have a layout like a phonebook with subcategories for each person but my problem is that I cant get it right with spacing breaking a moving parts of people info, sometimes its kicks off the lasy line or two or mo to another spread which i want to avoid since its drama when you have to flip pages back and fortchto haveall info.. In this layout i will also put some images (bule boxes). I made an INDD file where you can find evertyhing and more info.. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME i'm going mad after week of trying to solve this I need someone to make it right from inside so I can finally see a whole picture of that and finally understand it!


      THANK YOU!


      BELOW weTransfer link with INDD fille:



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          As Willi told you in your other thread, you do this with Keep Options defined in your paragraph style.


          If each of your listings is a single paragraph, set it to Keep All Lines Together. If multiple paragraphs, set each one to keep all lines together AND set all but the first paragraph style to Keep With Previous or all but the last style to Keep With Next. If you don't always use the last style in all listings you'll want to use the Keep With Previous.