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    synchronise on lightroom mobile


      Please, I need some help here!


      My changes on my imac do not sync with Lightroom Mobile (on Ipad2).

      Everything is on and seems to be working. My first collection was synchronised, but my changes on my iMac weren't.

      Logged in and out, nothing works and sync sign is on.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did I get it right that you have a photo open in Lr Mobile on your mobile device and when you change something nothing gets synced to Lr Desktop? Just some background info when Lr Mobile syncs changes... When you have a photo open in edit mode and have applied some changes you can either open the cloud status (at the top app bar) and trigger a "Force sync" or you swipe to the next photo (or go back to the collection grid view) and Lr Mobile will sync automatically. Let me know if that works for your. - Guido