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    AttachMovie from a loaded SWF

      I'm trying to attach a movie from the library of an SWF I loaded... from what I've read on on the forums, this is possible, however I can't seem to get it to work. My setup for the test files is as follows:

      CONTAINER.SWF (parent file)
      - creates empty_mc to hold child.swf
      - loads child swf into empty_mc
      - when child.swf is loaded, it calls: _root.attachMovie("test_mc","myParentTest_mc",50);

      CHILD.SWF (child clip)
      (insde is a clip "test_mc" with a linkID to match)

      Any help on syntax or what I might be doing wrong would be appreciated. If this setup won't work, could it work the other way? (CHILD.SWF attaches a symbol from the CONTAINER.SWF???)

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          .:}x-=V!P=-x{:. Level 3
          havent tested this but -
          open child.swf and in the library open the properties for test_mc
          it should have checked:
          [x] export for actionscript
          [x] export for runtime sharing
          [x] export in first frame
          and in the url dialog should be the path and name to container.swf

          then open the container.fla and go to file>import>open external library
          then drag the test_mc into container.fla library. save and export container and child swfs good luck
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            EricNY523 Level 1
            Thank-you for the response, I thought of that... In my situation, I need to be able to select one of many large files, and attach assets from it as needed. In order for me to use attach movie, using shared library assets, they first need to be placed on the stage before the linkID is properly initialized. If I have to do this for each "large file" it causes a jump in memory on file startup. See my other post in the Flash General Discussion:

            External Assets and Memory Jump