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    Flash MP3

      Hi there,

      I am using this player


      However I have some issues with it but I'm not so good with script to sort ithem out.

      Firstly you cannot have multiple instances of the player loading different xml play lists - well you can but you are reliant on the end user pausing one player to play the next one - otherwise you end up with two songs playing - not ideal.
      So I wondered if I could use buttons to load a playlist. I tried this code hack with no positive results.

      on (release) {
      on (release) {

      I guess the other method would be to have one movie look at another on the web page and send a message to pause if you click a song - absolutely wouldnt have a clue.

      Secondly the lines of text in the list box are too narrow so the letters of the song titles with tails ie "g " are being cut off. How do I increase the line size??

      Any ideas on this would be great stuff,