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    Copy placed PDF's full path into it's graphic frame hyperlink URL


      Hi all,


      I regularly have to create A3 documents and place PDF's in a grid within it -  eight thumbnails per page, as many pages as required depending on the amount of pdfs I have.

      In the links panel, I can see the full path to each placed PDF by hovering over the link name (or using the flyout menu>copy info>copy full path). We work on a server.


      I manually then select the first thumbnail, copy the full link path to the PDF it contains and the create a hyperlink for that frame, pasting in the link path for the URL. I repeat this for all thumbnails in the document.

      In short, when I export my final finished 'catalog' document as a PDF I am able to click on any thumbnail - and the PDF I clicked on opens up full size over the server into the computers default web browser.


      Is there any way to automate this process with scripting? I'm hoping to set my A3 document with thumbnails in place - then run a script to copy the link path for each placed asset into its respective graphic frame hyperlink URL.


      A real head scratcher! Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is using Adobe CC.