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    EuroTAAC 2007, Denmark. Call for speakers.

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      EuroTAAC 2007 - Call for speakers

      In late 2006 we polled business leaders and eLearning professionals to
      discover what really interests them in the field of eLearning. The purpose
      of this poll was to enable us to learn what topics should be presented to
      our audience at the EuroTAAC conference in Denmark, March 21st-23rd 2007.
      This is what they told us they really want to learn about:

      The Learner Experience:
      Creating involvement and interactivity in e-learning
      Motivation and follow-up
      Example of new approaches to e-learning

      Administration of e-learning use in LMS
      Corporate usage of an LMS, good practice examples and key values derived
      from having an LMS

      Instructional design:
      Design processes
      Which kind of test can you use in connection with e-learning? How can you
      make it more interactive?
      Inspiration for building courses more than technical aspects
      Pervasive learning
      How to enhance learning Corporate University thoughts
      Learning through games

      Skills and competencies required to develop e-learning using authoring tools
      How to get the training people into using authoring tools, without them
      feeling too "techy"
      The possibilities/experiences with combination of e-learning and Virtual
      Classroom training

      Authoring Tools:
      Easy to use tools for almost everybody in the organisation
      Authoring tools (Adobe/Macromedia elearning suite in depth),
      LMS Rapid authoring tool versus standard authoring tool
      Preview of new tools for e-learning programming
      Rapid e-Learning tools
      Softskill simulation
      Implementation of software for in-house use
      Learning objects, systems
      Presentation of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional
      Examples of Flash and Captivate for system training

      New emerging technologies:
      Efficient use of emerging technologies (Podcast, blogs, Wikis) if there are
      Do we believe in mobile learning for our target groups?
      New trends. New experience with e-learning. New authoring tools! New
      learning methods.

      Getting inspiration from other companies' e-learning
      Best practice - how do other companies do e-learning?
      General sharing of experience
      Experience from other programmers
      Exchange of knowledge in general
      Rapid e-learning tools and experiences

      The Business outcome:
      Real examples of cost efficient elearning modules with great impact,
      Measuring of the learning effect
      e-learning for sales staff + technicians
      Blended learning
      To which extent does it make sense to use e-learning for Selling skills
      How to best work with one "corporate template" while having authors placed
      in many countries - ie. handling consistency
      Case stories

      If you are interested in presenting on any of these subjects, please contact
      the EuroTAAC team at steve2@eurotaac.com. Presenters get a free pass to the
      entire conference. For more details about the EuroTAAC conference, please
      visit http://www.euroTAAC.com