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    Flash background updater not updating


      I've setup an internal Flash server to do updates in my corporate network but seem to be having issues getting the clients to get the updates.  My mms.cfg file contains the following lines:






      I have a Self signed cert in place on the hosting web server IIS 7.5 and also in the Trusted root certificate store (local machine).  I can browse the update server and pull any of the xml files via http and https with no certificate errors.


      When I manually execute the "FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe" file with admin privs I see the following lines in the flashinstall.log


      [info] 1628 servernameinmmsfile

      [info] 1629 servernameinmmsfile

      [info] 1614

      [info] 1615

      [info] 1618

      [info] 1619 1063

      [error] 1222 1060


      Also I'm running wireshark and I see no connections go out to the update server when executing the "FlashPlayerUpdateService"


      Where am I going wrong?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi TomTaylorPrecash,


          Executing the service using 'FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe' should work.  The error 1222 indicates opening the service failed.  The number next to it is the corresponding Microsoft error code, which in this case is ERROR_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST - The specified service doe not exist as an installed service.


          There are actually two components of the background update service: the service itself and a scheduled task.  Since the error is indicating that the Service is missing, let's verify that the Service, and the Schedule Task, exist on the impacted system.  Please do the following:

          1. Launch the Services panel
          2. Look for Adobe Flash Player Update Service
          3. Launch the Task Scheduler
          4. In the Task Schedule Library look for Adobe Flash Player Updater


          If they are there, run the background update from both the Service (right-click > Start) and the Scheduled Task (right-Click > Run).


          Please provide the entire contents of the FlashInstall.log file from the impacted system (obtained after running the Service and Task if they are present).  The file may be fairly large to post here.  You can upload the file using the instructions here, The specified item was not found.


          Thank you.




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            TomTaylorPrecash Level 1

            Hi Maria, I've checked and the service does exist however the scheduled task does not exist.  The installed version  When I look at the service itself the executable it is calling is armsvc.exe 

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              TomTaylorPrecash Level 1

              So I exported the Scheduled task from a machine that has the current version of Flash player and imported it into the machine with version  So I verified the armsvc.exe service was running and then right clicked on the scheduled task and told it to run.  I did this twice and attached is the log file.


              2015-6-5+15-9-38.569 [info] 1628 bs-pdxutility00.xxx.xxx.com

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.631 [info] 1629 bs-pdxutility00.xxx.xxx.com

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.693 [info] 1614

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.756 [info] 1615

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.818 [info] 1618

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.881 [info] 1619 1063

              2015-6-5+15-9-38.881 [error] 1222 1060

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.779 [info] 1628 bs-pdxutility00.xxx.xxx.com

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [info] 1629 bs-pdxutility00.xxx.xxx.com

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [info] 1614

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [info] 1615

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [info] 1618

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [info] 1619 1063

              2015-6-5+15-10-52.794 [error] 1222 1060

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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Hi TomTaylorPrecash,


                armsvc.exe is a Reader process.  The Adobe Acrobat Update Service is the service that executes this process.

                The Adobe Flash Player Update Service executes FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe.


                This seems to be a corrupt installation, since the required Task and Service do not exist.  Please do the following:


                1. Post a screenshot of the /sau directory (expanded to show all contents) on your server. See The specified item was not found.
                2. Download the latest uninstaller from the Uninstall Flash Player | Windows page and uninstall Flash Player from the impacted system
                3. Re-install Flash Player
                4. Post here the portion of the log file that includes the uninstall and install.  If this is a 64-bit OS, provide the log file contents from both\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and \Windows\SysWow64\Macromed\Flash.  The beginning of the uninstall will look similar to the following:

                               =O====== M/ 2015-06-04+15-52-40.171 ========

                               0000 [I] 00000010 "\\Desktop_path\uninstall_flash_player.exe" -force


                Thank you.




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                  I have just the same issue on some clients.

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.265 [info] 1628 fp-update.domain.local

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.312 [info] 1629 fp-update.domain.local

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.312 [info] 1614

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.327 [info] 1615

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.327 [info] 1618

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.327 [info] 1619 1063

                  2015-11-19+11-1-0.327 [error] 1222 1060

                  The problem appeared after migration of the update server from IIS on Win2012 server to Nginx on Ubuntu Server.

                  The name and IP address of the server has changed as well, but we replaced mms.cfg with a new one.


                  Most of the clients continue to update from the new server as they did from the old one. But some (including my computer and several colleagues') don't.

                  What can be the reason and how can I fix it without reinstalling FlashPlayer?

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                    maria__ Adobe Employee

                    Hi Petr.Egorov,


                    Can you verify if the Background Update service exists on the client machine?  In Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools > Services look for 'Adobe Flash Player Update Service'




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                      Petr.Egorov Level 1


                      No, for some reason it does not exist. But there's a task in Task Scheduler that triggers the same executable as the service does.

                      Is there a requirement to have both service and task for update to work?

                      Can I create the service manually?

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                        maria__ Adobe Employee

                        Hi Petr.Egorov,


                        Sorry for the late reply.

                        Yes, both the task and the service need to exist for the background update to work.  Can you provide the entire install log file for an impacted system?  You can upload the file to cloud.acrobat.com using the instructions The specified item was not found. or a file sharing service of your choice.  Include the link to the uploaded file in your reply.