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    Adobe Draw with Adonit Touch with Pixelpoint

    vinyl soup

      I'm having a real problem using Adobe Draw with an Adonit Touch with Pixelpoint. There's a delay and offset issue using an iPad 4 (model: MD510B/A). Turning Bluetooth off actually makes the styli more useable. I've tried turning multitasking Gestures off and on with no luck. I'm also a leftie so have selected that option in the app. Can you tell me if this is a known problem and if there is work around?

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          I just purchased a new Wacom Intuos Stylus 2 and I notice the same thing. Not a delay as much, but I find the line doesn't really draw where I want it. However, if I hold the pen a bit more straight up and down it is more accurate. But obviously that's unnatural for drawing. I'm also noticing the Palm regection doesnt work well. I find myself constantly trying to draw a line 3-4 times and see tiny dots where my palm was.


          Not sure if these issues are more the stylus than the app, but I'd love to know if these will be fixed in an update.

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            gec78 Level 2

            I've had exactly the same issues using the same set up as Vinyl Soup and I always turn off Bluetooth when using it with any Adobe app and find the palm rejection absolutely useless. I initially thought it might be a short fall of the pen (seeing as Adobe rewrap and sell pretty much the same stylus at twice the price - therefore thought they'd be working hard to get the software good) but if you use the stylus with something like Procreate, it works beautifully. I'm having to use my old Wacom rubber tipped stylus if I do work with Adobe which is very disappointing

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              Jbrom03 Level 1

              I don't know what Adobe's end game is wirh these apps but I will definitely try procreate. I also bought Astropad which works fantastic with the stylus. So I can draw straight into Photoshop or Illustrator using thar app and ignoring Adobe iOS apps altogether. It's unfortunate that is the best method!