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    .png file causes program to crash after playing two seconds of video.


      When ever I have an .png file under 2 video files it says program not responding and then after a couple of seconds it crashes when play video in comp. This is a really annoying error that I have been trying to fix for the past 3 hours.

      I am going off by this tutorial: Adobe After Effects - Glitch Tutorial - YouTube

      Here is a video of what is happening:  Dropbox - 20150604_110918.mp4

      I figured out that it was the .png file because when I took it away it worked. I tried putting a smaller .png in the video but that diddnt work either. I have no Idea why this is happening and I even tried to run this on my other computer and it did the same this.

      I hope someone will know what is going on.

      Thanks in Advance!