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    InDesign Crashes When Running Spell Check and Text Randomly Disappears


      InDesign 2014.2 Release  | Build


      I upgraded to the latest version of InDesign via the Cloud app in February 2015 and two chronic issues have reappeared:

      • Text randomly disappears within text frames during editing: The text is still there but is invisible; I must click out of the text frame or adjust page magnification to “see” the text again.
      • Launching the spellcheck tool causes InDesign to crash: Whether I launch spellcheck from my keyboard (by typing command-I) or navigate to spellcheck with my mouse (edit / spelling / check spelling), I get a spinning beachball for several seconds and then InDesign crashes. This problem occurs about 60-70% of the time, at random.

      Have other users experienced these two problems as well? If so, please post any solutions or workarounds. Thanks in advance …