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    Lightroom is allowing duplicates even though "Do not allow duplicates" is checked. Note: The file names have not been changed.

    BrendaTharp Level 1

      I have imported files into Lightroom (using copy) from an external drive. Later,after I had added a day's shoot to the drive, I wanted to import files from that drive again, but I didn't want to duplicate the files that had already been imported. Even though I checked  the box next to "Do not import suspected duplicates", Lightroom still wanted to bring in all the files on the disk. The folder names (of individual days) and the file names had not been changed, and even appear identical in the Lightroom catalog, and yet Lightroom still doesn't see them as duplicates. In the past, if I proceed it duplicates the image files in the catalog and on the drive.

      Does anyone have a solution how I can make Lightroom TRULY ignore duplicates?