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    exPluda? Level 1

      Kglad, can you please help me?

      I'm trying to make an water effect for abaut a month ago, but no results.
      The most efficient example I have is one work of urami_*, but it is flash 6 as 1 and I need flash 8 as 2.

      Althought this urami_* example is great, it doesn't exactly fill my needs, since he is build using one square grid, wich will deform the image in squares, and I wanted it to be rounded...

      the urami_* file is here


      You can view the sample at


      and what I really want is here

      http://www.flash-gear.com/water/ (to view this you will need to upload one image so the app starts)

      Can you please have a look?

      Many thanks,