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    Adobe Acrobat Professional XI: Unable to delete PDF when the preview of the PDF is open in explorer


      Hi Guys,


      I'm having significant issues with the Adobe PDF Preview Handler in explorer, when I am trying to move or delete a PDF it will not allow myself to showing the error of unable to delete as the file is open in explorer.


      now this is only occurring when I am trying to delete PDF's ofcourse because it is the Preview handler:


      i have performed the following steps to resolve this issue:


      - uninstalled and re-installed adobe acrobat professional - failed

      - reformatted PC and re-installed adobe acrobat professional - failed

      - disabled the PDF handler and attemped to delete again - successful

      - installed adobe on another Profile and attempted with the Preview handler on - failed

      - switched off the handler in the new profile and attempted to delete - successful




      Operating System: Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 Edition 6.2 (build: 9200)

      Adobe Acrobat XI Pro: 11.0.11


      if you could please assist with a fix that would be much appreciated, looking forward to your response.




      Matthew Schoenmaekers