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    Basic Feather Causes Non-Printable Image


      Hey ID'ers,


      I have come across a problem with InDesign. I read up on a thread about it which was sometime ago, but it seemed the convo was left off as a bug that Adobe has fixed, but as you'll see is not necessarily the case.


      I have an image in my spread that won't print. By printing, I mean, I go to File and print directly to my printer without creating a pdf file. It's the only image that won't print. It's a simple picture, only 1 layer, and in jpg format. It's no different than any other image in my spread. If I add a basic feather of 1.0625 (rounded corners) to it, it won't print. If I change the Corners option to Sharp or Diffused, it does print. If I re-select the Rounded Corners option and change the basic feathering to 1 inch or less, it does print. If I change the Rounded Corners option to 1.01 inches or more it won't print. Yet at all values where it doesn't print, it shows on my spread as if it's there and should print.


      1. 1 image with 1 layer, no transparencies, in .jpg format

      2. Basic Feathering with Sharp or Diffused Corners at any size prints

      3. Basic Feathering at Rounded Corners only prints at size of 1 inch or less, but still shows on spread.


      No matter what I do to the image with effects, the only time it won't print is when I add in Basic Feathering of a value of over 1 inch.


      Any ideas?