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    app.addToolButton in folder level script creates a floating Add-on Tool bar in Acrobat Pro DC


      I've created a folder level script to create few buttons and add them to a custom toolbar. This all worked fine in Acrobat Pro XI. However after migrating to Acrobat Pro DC, I notice a floating 'Add-On Tool bar' with all the buttons created in the folder level script.


      This tool bar appears every time acrobat is launched and the user needs to close it. We don't need it as users access the buttons configured on a custom tool bar(using the 'Create Custom Tool').


      Is there a way to prevent/hide this floating tool bar?


      Thanks in advance


      Folder level script content:


                 cName: "TestButton",

                 cExec: "app.alert('Hello World!')",

                 cLabel: "Test Button Label",

                 cTooltext: "Test Button Tool Tip"




      floating add-on bar.jpg